Where we aim to improve the condition of the marginalised people of Sundarban

Why Sundarban

Even though Sundarban is considered one of the most diverse and naturally enriched regions of India, it has always faced struggle in growth and development due to the impact of environment and other external features.

Around 65%
of the Indian population lives in rural areas. While the metros of India gear up to compete globally, the rural areas still lack opportunities. Every year, millions of people migrate to cities in search of better opportunities. Most of them are employed in unorganized sectors as daily wage labourers in Sundarban or as household helps with minimum social securities. The huge urban migration also stresses the resources of the cities.

The Employment problems

Occupational Hazard

Honey Collector in Sunderban

90% of the population living in Sundarbans are dependent on agriculture, fishing or honey collecting. They often have to go deep into the forest for their livelihood and often lose their lives in the process. The region is also prone to cyclones. These marginalized people regularly lose their houses during seasonal cyclones.

Through Sustain Delta Project, we plan to bridge the gap between rural and urban and create opportunities in India like many other organizations. So that people from rural India won’t have to migrate to big cities, leaving their families behind.

Our Areas of focus

Internet penetration has helped rural India come closer to urban India. However, lack of proper training and financial knowledge is hindering their growth. This is specially relevant to people of Sundarbans who depend on forest and tourists for their livelihood. Because of lack of financial literacy and dependency on middle men, the rural population is not fairly rewarded for their hard work. Digital marketing and financial knowledge will help them expand market for their products and generate higher revenue and reduce dependency on middlemen. Once the rural population starts generating decent revenue, the migration will reduce, thus reducing the stress on the cities.

Following are the 4 Topics that we want to focus on.

Eco Tourism

Waste Management

Organic Farming

Local Upskilling

Who we are...

A group of poised problem solvers from diverse backgrounds. We want to use our expertise to give back to the society.

Our Primary Goal is to help the people who are working at the grassroot level.

Please feel free to join our cause you can write us to the forum:


MIT Solve Future of Work Challenge

Currently we are helping Prantik Sundarban Welfare Association with their application for MIT Solve Future of Work in India and Indonesia Challenge 2021.